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Posted by Pip

F42- I Just Called To Say I Greed You

The whole world is coming crashing down around Greed. If somebody lets you steal something, can that REALLY be called stealing? These are the important moral and metaphysical questions we need to pose for ourselves! If science can't help us on this, what is it really good for!?

The first month of the new year has drawn to a close and if your resolution WASN'T to check Sins constantly, not only did you make a bad resolution, but you might have missed out on content! Make sure you're up to date!

It's game time once again! And this time, I present to you... MOQXY! Possibly the most nonsensical game I've posted yet! It's inspired by one part Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, one part QWOP, and one part a Kids in the Hall sketch. But dear player, it has:
Brawl with the computer OR against a friend!

Play it in your browser here: