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Posted by Pip

A15- Swimmerís (F)Ear

Making reference to an event that has chronologically happened, but hasnít been seen in the comic yet. In your face, flow of time!
The Sins do like to bug and pick on Pride though. Not without reason.
And no ďEastern SeasĒ does not mean Asian/Australian/etc. Sins takes place on a non-Earth planet.
Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson is another good book I recommend to most readers. Itís an extremely well written take on how pop culture (TV, Internet, videogames) has affected society and the effects on how people learn and act. As far as I know, itís just hardcover right now so it may be a bit pricey if your library doesnít have it, unless you can snag a cheap copy from an online store like I did.