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F46- Sleepover

If extensive research into the ways of TV have taught me anything, it's that Envy and Knowledge will have sitcom-levels of fun together! Oh sure it looks like a mismatch at the start but that's what makes the ultimate understanding and lessons learned so heartwarming when they come. Or, Lib is going to throw him off the mountain and into the freezing seas below and claim he ran off and it's totally not her fault. And yes, I did just try to justify wasting my childhood watching TV by calling it “research”.

I finally picked up the last book for the latest Ghostbusters comic series and man what a crappy ending that was. Despite some bumps along the way, that series was so good, but the entire Mass Hysteria run was just junk. Especially since that's the end of the series! It handled the existing characters so poorly and the new characters were totally uninteresting. There are pages of the book where exposition just proclaims that things happened and the things that do happen in the panels resolve with a “just because” instead of any kind of explanation or investigation. The art was still great but since it was paired with such bad writing and it recycles so many characters, that wasn't nearly enough to make for an even somewhat enjoyable ending.

This week on Mercynaries, the GBDNATE crew is out in full force and we finally sucker Lynn into this thing. Wait... not “sucker”. Force! No, uh, cajole! Drag kicking and screaming! Either way, Lynn sits down to talk science mano a womano a catmonstano with Dina and Sam. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page or contribute to the site to get the month's!

Huge thanks to DK and Lach for this opportunity.
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