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F50- Butterfly In The Sky

Well Balance back in Venials had her mystic hugs so maybe Envy just inherited some of that magic! Envy clearly has such a link to the grand, cosmic forces in the form of hugs! Or it's a cheap way to abuse the power of “cute” to get you out of rough situations.

Quick Critique: Evangelion Vol 14 (comic)
Following up from the completely disappointing ending to the Ghostbusters comic series, I get the completely disappointing ending to the Evangelion comic series. And it suffers from one of the main problems with the GB ending: It was just boring. I really liked the twists that the Eva comic series took in the middle and the art is still fantastic, but it ended with a whimper. The original ending to the TV series was so good (and I know I'm in the minority for thinking that). All the movies and reboots and releases have ruined everything that made the TV series so special and interesting, so while the comic series had an unstatisfying ending, it didn't sink to the level of the terrible 1.0/2.0/3.0 movies.
Part of the problem is that I think I just outgrew Evangelion in the DECADE that it took to finish off the series. I got into Evangelion when I was a teenager and that is THE series for an angsty, angry teenager. Maybe if I started watching the show as an adult, it just wouldn't have been the same since I'm more of a defeated, angry person now. And I'm just not into anime anymore and find the Internet/people at work talking about anime fanbase to be annoying so I'm not a part of the larger conversation.

Quick Critique: NES Remix 2/NES Remix Pack
NES Remix's biggest sin is that the challenges are so boring. The normal levels are either just extremely basic tutorials, "don't get hit", or "do this thing quickly". The "remix" stages are barely more interesting. In a Kirby one, you have to beat Whispy Woods while looking to the left most of the time or a Mario one where the airship level scrolls slightly faster than normal. That hardly fits my definition of a remix. Even the challenges where you have to play as one character in another game's situations just aren't set up well. One makes you play as the Mario 2 Princess in a snippet of a Mario 3 level but the mission is just to collect some coins, not actually play the game as her. Another has you play as Mario 2 Toad and throw some blocks at Kirby enemies. There was the potential to make something super creative here, but it feels more like somebody at Nintendo saw that Super Mario Bros Crossover game and wondered what it would be like to suck all the fun out of it.
The scoring system feels so random. There were stages I felt I did poorly on or even died on and I'd still get the rainbow 3-star ranking on them, but then there were stages I thought I did near perfectly on and get a lesser ranking. Since I didn't know what I did wrong on the non-rainbow stages, I had nothing to strive for or care about. The UI is clunky on top of it. Every time you beat a challenge, it dumps you back to the main menu and every time you unlock a new challenge, you have to watch an animation that's a few seconds too long and every time you score high enough, you have to watch an animation unlock a stupid Miiverse stamp.
I beat all the Mario 3 stages, tried a few Punch Out and Kid Icarus stages, and beat all the Remix levels that unlocked, then called it quits. For Nintendo to take somebody that grew up with a NES and has an unhealthy amount of nostalgia for the 8 and 16 bit eras and make it unhappy about playing those games is a really bad sign. And seriously, screw Mario 2 Toad. Anybody that voluntarily plays Mario 2 as Toad is probably a bad human being.