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Posted by Pip

F51- Fuguoo

Oh getting to know new people would be so much easier if upon meeting them, you could just shuffle them off to your underground lab and interrogate them. Also, oh having demon life goo would be so much easier than having organs and bones.

I checked out the Sins TVTropes page to see if it had been updated since Fugue (yes, Iím vain, be quite. Also, big thanks to everybody that is updating it!) and noticed that somebody created a page for Mind Your Manors. Mercynaries doesnít even have a page, but its spin-off story game DOES. I love you sometimes, Internet!

Whether you're a cop for the Divine or a boss for a super science corporation, HR is never fun. Hugs, shout outs, or whatever your thing is to DK and Lach for the GBDNATE characters! To find out more about GBDNATE, you can visit its page at Desura:

Or on Steam:

Also, make sure you check out DK's DevArt gallery!

A quick follow-up to our earlier Valentine's Day versus Lupercalia picture. Some times you get what you pay for and discount candy disappoints. Love is still new so he has to learn that things go wrong around the Sins studio.