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F52- Sins Just Operate On A Better Level

For any aspiring biologists/zoologists in the audience, feel free to make that your default answer for any exams from here on out. Explaining the differences in beak shapes for Galapagos finches? Some look cooler than others. Why do horned lizards shoot blood out of their eyes? Because it's pretty darned metal, that's why. Any true scientist is required to acknowledge that, so it gives you the upper-hand when confronting professors on why you just failed.

This week on Mercynaries, it's finally time for our heroes to arrive on the scene! And does Siren's Point ever need somebody to show up and set things right. Warring pop star factions! Video game stores with questionable advertising mechanics! Nachos the Surgeon General would be none too pleased about! This is a town that needs the Mercs and it's already throwing its roughest villains at them: break rooms. To find out how this all resolves... you have to go play Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme! The Mercynaries will be showing up in the next chapter and I will be shouting about that from the rooftops when the update is out, so stay tuned!

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Huge thanks to DK and Lach for this opportunity. To find out more about GBDNATE, you can visit its page at Desura:

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Also, make sure you check out DK's DevArt gallery!

I did a bit of fan art for your friend and mine, Razii, of her characters Isaia/Zephyr and Isaac! Flying seems like one of those super powers that it would be all too easy to abuse/be petty with.
Head over to Razii's site where she's doing daily doodles! It's fun art AND a depressing reminder of how quickly the days are going by.