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Posted by Pip

F53- The Scarf Is Like The Genie From Aladdin

It's best not to question the scarf. The scarf is all-knowing and all-powerful and maybe it can smell your fear. Just as long as you keep moths away from it.
Maybe all the Sins need to come up with their own branded possessed accessories. The Lust dress! Pride tie? Sloth... armor wax?

With the end of the GBDNATE crossover, it's time for the collected issue 4 of Mercynaries! It's every page of issue 4, so you don't need to worry about Lulu's weirdness with updating old files like the previous issues. Containing everything from the Mercs abusing shipping services to alien conquering bouffants to tracking down a man using science for evil... maybe. You can get the issue over at Lulu by visiting this link: