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Posted by Pip

F54- I Hear It Also Makes You A Jerk

So maybe Knowledge doesn't really handle not being knowledgeable about a subject very well. If she doesn't know about it, it must be for losers and miscreants! I mean, if it's not written down, does it really matter? What if, like, we're all just entries in a grand Universal encyclopedia, man?

I was working on making a Choose Your Own Adventure style game, but it really didn't work out. I'm a big fan of Construct, but their text object tools are horrible. Objects can spawn objects and objects can spawn text but text can't spawn text? Madness! Rather than totally giving up on the idea, I took the story text and art and made a ridiculously simplified version of the game using folders, so I present it to you today. It's set in the Mercynaries and all the oddities that entails, so enjoy!

After finishing up the story, it unintentionally had some similarities to another writer's story. They're not supposed to be related but there were enough similarities that it bugged me and I reached out to her. She said it was cool to post it, so if you're a fan of Mercs, you'll probably like Steph's Funhouse story. Stop by her site, give it a read, and leave her a comment!