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Posted by Pip

F72- She Must Be Part British

So the Librarian is overly protective of her books and maybe Poison just won't stand for any sassing of her tea? “Hospitality” has “Hospital” right there in it, so you have to expect some punishment if you're not going to be a good guest. Although... good on Gluttony for not scarfing it down without checking first!

This new Fugue world has a disturbing lack of privateering, so that calls for a little pirating! In game form! Try your hand or hook at... Drunken Tales Of Lore! An action-adventure game with pirates, booze, treasure, and sea monsters!

And with our new game, I started up a sub-site for the games on the site. I'll expand it in the future, but for now, if you're looking for the Sins, Mercs, and game projects with a story, you have one easy Word Press site to check!