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Posted by Pip

P7- Don't Kill Like They Used To

Back in my day you had the decency to die when somebody jammed a knife through you. Kids these days. Being on my lawn with their undead selves. You know this whole thing has to be massively confusing for poor Fortune. Anger was at least a regular demon before becoming a Sin, but Fortune was drafted into this thing for her own “good” so she isn’t used to the undead wanting to hunt you down and kill you.

Inspired by a friend that’s a writer and commented on how many words she’s written for one of her latest works, I took a quick stab at how long Sins is. Picking ten pages and averaging their dialogue-only word count and multiplying by 150 pages (this is page 153 but there are some guest strips in there), I’ve written over 8,500 words on dialogue alone (that doesn’t include “meh”s). Not too shabby.

In other important news, the second page of DToM has been uploaded. Find your happy self over there using the black tab to the left of the site and enjoy. Mega-thanks to everybody that donated!