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Posted by Pip

F82- Hopefully In That Order

The medical drama is heating up. I bet those famous TV doctors never had to face a case as severe as people sticking things in their mouths that they shouldn't have! Just look at Gluttony. It's the natural state of the world to want to put unknown things in your mouth.

People in top hats are filled with lies. That's what the hat is there to cover! I also snuck in a few extra panels into this storyline, so we'll see how often my schedule lets me do that for future Mercs stories. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page or contribute to the site to get the month's!

And continuing with the Mercs-goodness, we hit another Patreon support goal, so we get another commissioned piece of art. This time of our behind-the-scenes boss, the Valkyrie!

This month's art was done by Zairyo and you can check out his gallery at:

Zairyo sent us art from each step in the process and some bonus art, so check out the Patreon page for those extras! If you want to join the Sins Patreon campaign and get the month's Mercs comics and bonus art, head on over to the page and sign up!