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Posted by Pip

F84- With Gusto

The Sins didn't get to be the movers and shakers of the Spirit Realm by following “instructions” or “warnings” or “delayed gratification”. The Sins want enjoyment and constant stimulation and they want it now.
Or... Poison has found a way to get other people to do her bidding... Somebody is a genius here and it might not be the lady that just drank unknown chemicals.

I'm not normally a fan of characters in that trashy clothing kind of look, but I really like Poison. I think it's due to Capcom giving her a fun personality. Her history in games has given her a neat backstory and making her Hugo's manager sealed the deal. They always get silly endings and come out on top compared to the cheesy endings most of the cast get. I still don't actually know why I drew this, but it was fun.
Sin Poison from us here
Final Fight Poison by Capcom