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Posted by Pip

F95- Mission 1 Is Punching A Lot Of People In The Back Of The Head

Sorry Time, that argument is completely uncalled for with our lovable gang. Abuse of power is like 85% of the sales pitch for becoming a Sin. I think you need to learn a lit-tle more about your new friends.
Free lunch makes up another 6% of that sales pitch, if you were wondering.

We hit another one of our Patreon milestones, so it's time for another fan art commission! CommissionS this month! If you want to help the campaign out to lead to more pictures and snag some Mercs pages and bonus art and requests yourself, come join the Sins Patreon at:

Our first picture comes to us by friend of the site, Buck3, who was running an art event about an evil/magic theme park with a propensity for morphing its visitors. If that's not a tale worthy of the Mercs investigating, I'm not sure what is, so it only made sense to send Pip and Lust in to investigate!

You can view Buck's other Ditzy World pictures at:

The second commission is from our favorite DK (sorry, gorillas) and his take on our fancy new armor Sloth.

Visit DK's gallery to see his other mech designs! And pretty anime ladies, if that's more your style...