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F98- Happy And You Know It

A little healthy paranoia keeps you safe. I rarely ever leave my house or talk to human beings and I've never once been kidnapped! My childhood training paid off! And Jin's childhood training of apprenticing the forces of evil and being a pirate have led to her never joining a cult! Being a Sin doesn't count as a cult. Parents, please, talk to your children about joining privateering today for their own good.

As part of the Sins Patreon campaign and as we near the $100 milestone on it, I proposed doing Mercynaries written stories as contribution incentives. I figure that will be fun to do, it's different from the normal work, and it's something I can work on between comic pages so it won't interfere with my normal work load. To give everybody a heads up on what the stories would be like, I've done a first one. Any future stories would be in a similar format with a single Mercs story mission, some illustrations, and the same goofy, fun tone you'd expect from Mercy and Ruth. Patreon members will also get the images as stand-alone pictures at their native size. If you like what you read or have feedback, let me know! And if you want to join the campaign, head on over to the Patreon:

In today's episode, Stan leaves his boring life behind for adventure, Amazons, contests to the death, and only a smattering of copyright infringing inspiration.
Download it in the Mercynaries Gallery at:

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Mercs Story 1

I got word that some people's word processors could not handle the awesome power of the Mercynaries story, so here's the file in .doc format:

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