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Posted by Pip

F102- What Does This Button Do

As we leave Jin and her touchy feely happiness island and anger towards children, we move to the emotionless detachment of cold steel, giant robots, and moving platforms. Nothing says triumph over the sciences like moving platforms. That's why airports are the hubs of technology and progress and places to buy cinnamon buns.

For our weekend art, we take a look into an alternate future where the Mercs lost their fight against the robot armor and were mechanized themselves! Alternate future is pretty keen. It makes Ruth's chest even more magical.

As an extra special bonus, our friend Thom put together a special version of the Funhouse story I posted a bit ago. He made it into a real choose your own adventure layout, so you don't have to fumble around with my folder set-up and it's actually fun now! Thom's still messing around with the programming, so we could get even keener things in the future. Give it a look again for the first time:

And check out Thom's comic at: