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Posted by Pip

F107- The Sound Of One Robot Arm Clapping

The grinning guy carrying a big drill typically isn't the one you want to take up on the offer to fix you. I'll leave the demons in my skull, thank you very much!

It's June and summer! But it's hot so close the blinds, turn on the fan, and never leave your home and read comics instead! Just look at all the fine stuff on Sins last month!

And for some interesting search strings that somehow led to Sins...
“shantae castlevania” - As long as Wayforward isn't making it, you very much have my attention!
“wayforward shantae females are too sexualize 2015”, “shantae and the pirate's curse all girls have big boobs” - And that's one of the reasons I don't want Wayforward on it.
“popful mail player fan art” - I don't know who you are that searched for this, but you're probably a good person. Games that came out last console are getting re-releases but Popful Mail hasn't?! HD 2D-art hand-animated version of the game with the previous audio! Do that!
“how to activate friendly fire in lego marvel” , “friendly fire in lego marvelsuperheroes” - Some angry Lego players out in the audience last month...

Friend of the show and writer for GBDNATE, Lachland, has started a new Kickstarter for a new game! And it has such a premise worthy of a Mercs mission and cheesy pun title that even if he wasn't kind to Sins and Mercs in GBDNATE, it would still be worth a mention. Head on over to the Kickstarter page if you're interested:

They released an impressive test animation too!