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Posted by Pip

F108- A Force And A Process

Go with your instincts, Progress! When the muse says giant drill, you don't back down unless another muse says laser cannon. Or Mega Buster. Kind of have a soft spot for those.

Two exciting pictures to tide you over this holiday weekend. For the non-United Statesian members of our audience, you get to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom weekend without having to be number 1 in car thefts, prison population, and student loan debt. Enjoy!

Our first picture is a far too cute take on Love... as a lady! Super tempted for this to become canon... I think Poison would dig it but Lib and the Builder would still want nothing to do with him.

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Huge thanks to DK for doing such an adorable job!

We also get a look into the tales of What Ifs with what would have happened if Rhett took the Sins up on their offer to join the team. Sexy times and stabbings. That's a hard one to balance out.