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Posted by Pip

F110- Slightly Better Than Bouncing Arrows

Silly, Sloth! They're glowing weak spots! Every giant robot monster needs a glowing weak spot. How else are smaller robots or hedgehogs going to destroy you?

It was fun working with Thom on the Funhouse game revamp, so we decided to collaborate on a brand new game! We took the Choose Your Own Adventure format and stuck it out at sea for a cruise adventure full of morphs and wackiness and hijinks! A Cruise Your Own Adventure, if you will. I'll give you a moment for the laughter to subside. It has seven different endings based on your actions and stats by the end of your week's vacation, so get playing here:

Big thanks to Thom, who you should know from Murry and Lewy, which is linked on our Links page or from within the game. And a special bonus for the Patreon members, I posted the ending images at full resolution on the site for you!

“Cruise” Your Own Adventure. Comedy gold.