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F117- Yeah Yeah What Dreams May Come And All That

Heeey, do you just have a water island so you have an excuse to run around shirtless? That's either entirely unbecoming of a god or probably the most godlike thing you can possibly do. Blast you, Zeus and your confusing moral compass!

The next installment in the illustrated Mercynaries stories is ready! Big thanks to our Patreon members for their support that made it possible! As a bonus, all Patreon members get the art available as a separate file and at the original dimensions. If you'd like to join the Sins and Mercs Patreon campaign, head to:

In this installment, take a stroll down the dark and lonely streets with the best private eye taught by the school of hard knocks and the worst gumshoe movies you could ever see as he stumbles into sinister plots and excuses to call people “dames”.