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F120- Adult Swim

When you're a beetle monster fish demon, hitting a land of primarily water is kind of a jackpot. Once again, legs are for chumps, use that squiggly butt!

Our weekend picture comes to us via friend of the site, Melkorios:

Princess Meloon... Princess Mel-luna? Name needs work. The Princess and her loyal Scout Pip prove that a good 60% of being an effective magical girl comes from the power of your posing. Another good 15% or so has to be weird hair. Patreon members get the picture at full resolution!

We say good-bye to July and shake our fists at its heat but the undeniable coolness of the Sins got us through. And what content there was! Thanks for everybody's support in hitting that Patreon goal and I have word from the next artist that he'll be starting next week!

Posted by Pip

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