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Posted by Pip

F126- Maslow Hierarchy Of Greeds

Oh man, we've escalated to throwing human snaps at each other. Your humans are so lazy, they haven't mastered vacations!
Anger and Sleep are going to call it a spa trip and next week, the team will be joining back up and comparing notes!

I was working on another game for the site and while I liked the world, I just couldn't get into the game itself. I kept thinking about other projects while working on this and that's usually my sign to re-focus my efforts elsewhere. I like Wilder and his world of dinosaurs and what would have eventually featured robotic sea life, alien tech, and maybe some alien ghosts, so I think I'll come back to this world some day.
The version on the site just has two levels, so enjoy them for what they are. Imagine there was an intro telling you that there was a bounty mission for Wilder, a cave-in trapped some miners, and Wilder's steed ran off to start the game off. Use the arrow keys to move and Space to attack.