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F129- Late Fees

Well she didn't beat Envy to death, so that's a major plus. And some Sins would pay for that kind of kinky treatment, so that's probably another plus in the Librarian's favor. All hail the coming Librarianocracy! Mandatory quiet hours and forced literacy time for all! Wait... that unironically sounds like something I would love...

New Sloth... leaves much to be desired in the ways of wearing hats. Guide it to the path of light, Sloth, or else you guys are never going to be the next big thing in free-to-play!
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Quick Critique: Resident Evil Revelations Official Complete Works

Amazon has the art book for Resident Evil Revelations for sale, and being a rather big fan of that game, I bought it. It's pretty neat if you're a fan of the series or just into good monster designs. They really break down the inspirations and marine life that went into the creatures and it has some fun little details about why they have the parts they do. The ratio of renders vs 2D drawn art is a bit too heavy on the 3D for what I'd want, but there are a lot of good design sketches for the main cast. I'm kind of bummed out that dress shirt pajamas Jill never made it in as an alternate costume. There's a certain degree of honesty (intentionally or not) in the commentary on the outfits. The pages about Jessica basically boil down to “we wanted something dumb and fetishy and we succeeded, maybe we went too far”. The collection isn't as detailed as the Mega Man or Darkstalkers Complete Works, but it's still a nice art book.
As an added bonus, Amazon gave me somebody else's gift message in my package. Lenny, if you're out there, Valerie wishes you happy birthday and loves you. Me, personally, I can't form an opinion that strong, but if you're good enough for Valerie, I'm at least willing to give you a thumbs up and a “Happy Birthday”.