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Posted by Pip

P13- Smashing Good Time

Secrets of the universe dolled out for free, one more time. Using nothing more than props this time around though. Class-ay!
Itís kind of hard to smash something on grass though. Itís soft and cushy. Maybe itís angry grass or that phony grass. I hear that stuff is actually painful to walk on.

Depending on when you read this, there should be an ad for Jinxed right over there.
Click on it and enjoy! Iím doing my part to support one of, if not the, best comic artists around. Enjoy her many sites!

If you frequent the forum, you may have seen that weíre getting a guest page from Thom in the nigh-future. He asked me to help support a site heís involved in, so enjoy:
If you like role-playing and are into the transformation stuff, give it a shot and have fun! Itís based around a "Create Your Own Adventure" style and is built on an engine specifically written for TFRP.