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F137- Hug It Harder Make It Better

They don't love enough; burn them!
Oh, Love, did you learn nothing from Of Mice And Men? The secret to showing affection to squeeze the love out of critters with your mighty hugs. Or it's not entirely unpossible that I missed the morals I was supposed to be taking from it.
Also, adding “The” in front of godly beings' names makes them sound even more official. The mighty Odin thanks you for your devotion. The Zeus... is probably doing something weird with animals.

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Quick, Not Really A Critique: Disney Infinity

I picked up the free version of Disney Infinity 1 and the base for super cheap, so I got a Mrs. Incredible figure and thought I'd take it for a spin. It's one of those things that once you start playing, you instantly “get” it and what it's all about. It is charming as all heck and even the tutorial is cute and fun. The voice work is great and even when it's not the original actor, the stand-in does a fine job. Everything is so... Disney. The combat tutorial is to beat up Gaston! They could have picked any number of villains to use, but that they went with Gaston is the best.
99% of the reason I wanted to give DI a chance was because of the art style. They did a phenomenal job on the way the characters look. If you think of the monumental task of coming up with a singular art style that could be used to combine everything from traditional Disney movies to Pixar to Marvel stuff, it's a mind boggling task and they knocked it out of the park. All of the characters are distinctly themselves but share a cohesive style so it doesn't look out of place to have Mrs. Incredible hanging out with Mickey Mouse. It just works. On a side note, John Vignocchi hosted a good GDC talk about the character creation for the series that's well worth a watch. The quality on the toys themselves is a bit iffy, though. The figures have a nice heft to them and they feel solid, but there's a scratch up the back of the Mike figure, the Barbossa figure has a lot of errant glue blobs on it, and the Mrs. Incredible one was too tight and up against the front of the packaging so the color on her hair rubbed off. They really pitched the series to be as much about collecting as it is about the game, so it's a shame they're a letdown in that area. And if you paid full price for them, the figures are super expensive for what they are, so they certainly shouldn't have quality control issues like that.
Ultimately, what keeps me from going any deeper is the lack of options they give you for how you want to play and how that relates to cost. There are limited things I care about but to get them, I'd have to buy a lot I don't care about. I enjoyed my time with the free-ish trial, so I'd be willing to get the DI2 version with the Marvel characters, but I want it to for the Spider-Man themed set. So I'd need to buy the game, which comes with an Avengers set and figures I don't want, and then have to buy the Spider-Man set separately but even that comes with an extra character I don't want so the price is higher. If I could get the new base, game, and Spider-Man set and figure without having to buy the rest, I'd totally do it, and probably pick up a couple of extra figurines too, but because I need to get all the extraneous stuff, I'm just going to wait until it shows up in the bargain bin. Now that DI3 is out, it would make sense to toss the playsets online as DLC for $5 or something so people can pick them up cheaply and without the extra bits. Just buying the downloadable version of the game that doesn't come with any sets or the base or figures is almost as expensive as buying the full bundle. It would be better to sacrifice the playset and game bundles but get a couple of bucks for downloadable copies and have me buy the figures individually, rather than buying nothing at all. The figures are the neat collectible things, not the keys to unlock the playsets.
And while I'm on the subject of explaining to a corporation how to more effectively exploit me, why aren't you pandering to my nostalgia more? I don't care about the Star Wars stuff or Tron or anything Pixar outside of The Incredibles or any of that, but how on Earth do you not have a Little Mermaid or Aladdin set? Or Steamboat Willy and the really classic Disney movies. Let me be a princess, Disney!