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Posted by Pip

F147- First Goo

Well, the previous Angers were quite handy with blades and pointy bits. So it's only natural new-Anger would have some run-ins with swords?
Jin is never going to hear the end of this.

It's October time, so that means Halloween is just around the corner! A sinful and wonderful holiday for all! But first, we have to say good-bye to September and look back on all the fine content Fall brought us.

And to go along with a new month with new Mercs content, it's even more Mercs content! It's our third Mercynaries illustrated story! I'll be over here pretending you're waving your arms with joy.
The Patreon members voted for a vacation theme for this story, so a nice calming vacation where nothing odd, magical, or worthy of investigation by the Mercs is what our main character shall have! Hop on over to the Patreon page to get the story and full-sized art and a say in future stories!