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Posted by Pip

F152- They Like To Feel Tall

Never underestimate the power of fighting like a monkey! Builder is just lucky the Sins don't poo...
And a little reminder why Envy's scarf is so powerful, the Dealer gave it him so he could collect her debts by sucking the energy from wayward demons. Glad to see it still works in this realm too!

AGWS- DEMONstration: Penarium
AGWS stuff after a long delay! I picked up a PS4 after the recent price drop/deals, so I'm monkeying around with the recording software, trying to not abuse the explosion transition, and all that fun stuff, so I grabbed a demo off the store and Penarium it was.
It seems good for what it is, controls well, has some humor and good monkey designs, but it's not really my thing. It just seemed like a series of short, arbitrary goals that would just get harder and harder without any story or character progression. They could make the rules more clear (like with dropping off the potions or why touching the side of an icicle kills you), but ultimately I'm probably too impatient to play it for long without a larger goal I'm working towards.