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Posted by Pip

P-15- Revengence of Vengers

Nothing like taking out decades of pent up anger and frustration and just biting the head of the creature that caused it. Or pounding it into goo. Have to think about Perrin’s feelings after all.

New month, new Button Day! Big thanks to Eirien for her win and the new page is ready to go right from the start. You have until the last day of the month to get the entries in for the contest.
Eirien’s page 6:

New page 7:

There have been some additions/changes around the site, so check around. Links have been updated and some fan art and commissions have been added.

And of course, end of the month Pip’s favorite search string leading to the site…
“biografia de los personajes de halo 2”
Not only is it random, not only do I not recall talking about Halo 2 (maybe someone on the forum did), not only is it Spanish, but I’ve played Spanish Halo 2 (but not English Halo 2, go figure).