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Posted by Pip

F155- Whack Fuu

Nobody likes taking an Envy to the gut. Then again, it's probably better than taking a Sloth to the side of the face. Couple of seconds too late there, big guy, but you're probably not the one to call when speed is needed. I think we can let it slide this time.

DemonStration: Strider

Still messing around with the PS4 recording ahead of capturing some footage for a Dragon Quest critique. So more demos! Strider! A game I hold reverence for back from the NES days that I am 100% sure is rooted solely in nostalgia and I would hate to go back and actually play it again.
The new one plays well and it's a Metroidvania, but it didn't draw me in. The environment of a gray facility got boring by the end of the demo and it's not a lot of fun to mindlessly slash at things and fodder enemies. But it has the original Strider music and that's pretty okay.