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Posted by Pip

F167- Half Priced Gloves

When in doubt, keep lying! If you need to make your epic fight look like it had a bit more danger, nothing says derring-do like missing an arm! Faked you all out by having Builder lose a robot arm during the fight so you all thought there was no way he could lose a real arm, but BLAM! Self-inflicted arm loss.
And with our exothermic reaction amputation, that brings an end to chapter two of Fugue. What awaits us in chapter 3!? What's up with the Sins, are they all right?! What are the mysteries of the new world and its inhabitants and why do they treat the lands as they do?! Why are the Rulers afraid of their own member?! Will there be hugging?! Yes, there WILL be hugging!

We finally have some bonus art worthy of the Patreon milestone! Tired of just being the master of two dimensions, Lust is breaking out into the third-dimension! And doing it adoraaaaably. If you've seen something cuter than this today, well you probably work in a puppy factory or something because this is danged cute. We have some bonus "making of" and progress art for our Patreon members and a survey over at the campaign. If you want to get bonuses like that and help support the site, join the Sins Patreon at: