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Posted by Pip

F170- Define Decent

Just because somebody helped nurse you back from falling off a cliff death doesn't mean you can't harass them with questions about your metaphysically questionable being. Godly batteries generated by worship is probably a thing doctors should study anyway.

With chapter 3 of Fugue starting and the holidays just around the corner (that timing worked out well), you can now get Sins Fugue chapters 1 and 2 in one convenient book form! All the laughs, loves, and lusts in one handy little volume. We've got a digital version and a physical version, both in glorious color! And with the smaller page sizes, the physical version is 8x6 and it looks rather cute. If you'd like to get a copy and show your support for lovable evil or indoctrinate a friend in the ways of lovable evil, here are the links!

The digital version from Lulu:

The physical version from CreateSpace:

Or you can get the physical version from Amazon:

The link to the digital version is also available with the other downloads on the "Previously on Sins" page and the links to the physical versions are on the "Swag" page with the other books.