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Posted by Pip

F176- Polytheism Want A Cracker

These two are made for each other! The cave people rebel against the Rulers and the Sins totally rebel against The Man. Whatever this world's equivalent of The Man is. Which is the Rulers, but the Sins can still loiter or cross the street without looking both ways with the best of them.

This month, we have a fancy, dare I say schmancy, Mercs commission! This one was brought to us by:

Mercy is at least getting into it, even if she is like 80% poof in that thing. She may not even be able to hug Ruth in that dress!
As thanks for making the commission possible, our Patreon members get access to the commissions at full size and get the process pictures too! If you'd like to help out, join the Sins Patreon at:

This picture was inspired by a request by the members of the Patreon squad, so for all your readers that aren't members of the Patreon, we'd like to hear from you! What kind of extras or bonuses would get you interested in signing up? How can we entice you into becoming a member?
Man, there just isn't a friendly way to say "persuade" that doesn't sound creepy or cult-y.