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Posted by Pip

F180- Today Is A Punch Filled Update

The Sins have no time for your petty concerns about dying! There are people out there truly deserving punches to the face and the Sins are equipped to dish such things out!
The Sins might actually just be glorified self-promoting boxers at this point. You go, beat somebody up, win their fans, build your empire, sexy women hold up signs, and nobody has any regard for fashion. That's a pretty good summary of their lives.

It's time for another entry in the Gamics universe: Rick Spanner, Needlessly Violent Private Eye! Help Rick help his dame, Swing Danger, come face to face with the ills of society and the horrific situation Swing has found herself in.
This is a super short game. And a super dumb game. I mostly made it because I love the characters' names. It's impossible to not have fun saying their names like the narrator in a prohibition-era newsreel. Think of it like an adventure game where every puzzle has the same solution. But it has TWO endings! Rick and Swing are the heroes America needs. Even if you're not in America, they're still your heroes.

The new game has also been posted on the Gamics sub-site with our other fine, fine game prototypes.