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F182- Better Than The Gauntlets

Every proper resistance has a fancy name and you can't keep a good tradition down! Whether you're sapping the life force of their kids or sapping the worship of their whole race, humans make dang fine divine batteries.
Now bring on the decoder rings already!

Your Christmas Eve Eve present from the Sins is the ever-loving gift of anagrams. From a time when the Sins and Rulers were on better speaking terms. Fuses bring out the best in us.

Quick Critique: Terminator Genesys
The first 45 minutes have some interesting ideas. The tag team Terminator fight was neat and provided a cool way for the two movie villains to "meet" and interact. The plot provides a good way to reboot the Terminator franchise, too. If you're going to do that, you fully lean into the insanity of time travel and go all out with it, which the movie most definitely does. The natural reaction to this, though, is that Terminator doesn't need to be rebooted. T1 and T2 are fine, end of franchise. So that neat initial spark and the mindless churn of sequels and lack of original ideas aside, everything else about the movie is terrible. The acting is horrible (except you, JK Simmons, you can seemingly act no wrong) and the dialogue and writing are just awful. Sarah is totally unlikable, Arnold as the Terminator is just... there, and John and Reese feel oddly bro-y. I had no qualms actively rooting for the bad guys, but the best bad guys were the ones in the first 45 minutes. There are little glimpses of good ideas sprinkled here and there, from one brief scene where Sarah applies tons of antiseptic to a small injury, which is exactly what she would do since she knows her staying alive is what humanity depends on (but then the movie never does anything with this again), to how many different timelines and paradoxes cross, weaving different technologies and how that would affect the "fate" idea of the franchise, allowing the characters to acknowledge that they can kill their own ancestors and get away with it. But man, it's just a bad movie, and it's so obviously bad that the people involved in its creation had to see that coming. It's not irredeemably terrible, but I'm super glad I just paid a buck to see it.