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F184- The Divine Pinata

These people may live in a cave, but they are on top of things! The world knows that the new hotness is Sloth. If you're not willing to worship the floating mechanical suit of armor, you have an impressive level of agnosticism. Passing on Jin is one thing, sure she may just be a cute, crazy lady, but a headless punching machine is worthy of a tithe or two.

There's so much to post about to start this week off! Let's see if I can not screw up all these links!

This week on Mercynaries, the kind of planning you'd probably expect from somebody that's actually a god. Also, the kind of cockiness you'd probably expect from somebody that's actually a god. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page or contribute to the site to get the month's!

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And make sure you head over to Dungeons and Barbies this week for their 200th page and a little cameo by Pip. Take that, Lust! A cameo for the little guy, not you fancy lovable demons.

Game of the Year lists are pretty much a tradition for anybody that talks about games on a website, but you know what? Game of the Year lists are really stupid. Arbitrarily pitting games from different systems in different genres with different teams and budgets with different target audiences doesn't serve the players or the games. Heck, why would it even matter if Game A was better than Game B? As long as they're both good, that's great. So in keeping with the SinComics tradition, we're not going to judge games against each other, we're just going to call out the ones I had the most fun with this year. Games that aren't necessarily better than other games or games that necessarily came out this year. I played these games this year and I enjoyed them.

Round 1


Theatrhythm: Curtain Call

As somebody that's never been a big fan of rhythm games and has fallen out of love with RPGs, the Theatrhythm series continues to entertain me for hours on end. It somehow manages to be the best rhythm game and one of the best RPGs on the 3DS in ways that defy sense. While Curtain Call doesn't have the tightness of the first game and goes for quantity over quality, it's still a fantastic game.

Close Calls?
For the 3DS, nothing. This was a pretty miserable year for the 3DS without any new games worthy of the coveted prize from Sins. With Nintendo all but abandoning the Virtual Console, my 3DS didn't see much use this year.

Wii U

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

As a kid, I favored Link's Awakening over Link to the Past, but after replaying both of them, LttP is the definite superior game and is still thoroughly enjoyable and fun after all these years and after beating it so many times. And just about everything about LttP, from items to enemies to level design (except you, Ice Dungeon), shames all of the modern Zelda games that have fallen into a mire of banality.

Close Calls?
Super Mario World
Mario World still stands as the best of the Mario games and through the passage of time, is the only Mario game that stands up in any meaningful way when divorced from nostalgia or an academic eye. While the other Mario games may have been great when they came out, only Mario World remains enjoyable today thanks to its great controls, level design, and quirky charm in the designs, enemies, and music.

Mega Man X
After going back and discovering that Mega Man X4 is nowhere near as impressive or fun as nostalgia had me thinking, Mega Man X is still great. Excellent music, great bosses and powers, and secrets that are enjoyable to hunt down.