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Posted by Pip

F213- Business Of Boot Knockin

Tough call for who gets to share the worse war story. I think getting kicked with stiletto heels might give Team Jin the advantage though. A kick with pumps is one thing, but stilettos will pierce the skin! Truly the warrior's footwear.

And the final voting in our Choose Pip's Adventure series came down to a fight over a fancy pen but that true love between a squid cheerleader and videomancer would prevail. Slapeggs are either an odd bunch or a truly romantic bunch. Good on you either way. Big thanks to everybody that participated, this was fun!

A heads up to everybody that I'm going to close the forums this weekend. All those people that said they'd totally post on the forums if we had them up never really posted on the forums. So since I'm really the only one posting, I'm getting tired of having to clean out the spam accounts every day. If there are any posts or anything you want to save, copy them quickly. Thanks!