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Posted by Pip

F219- Jin Really Does Not Like Nerds

It's not a god fight until somebody glows. Or at the very least bioluminesces. Yes, I'm pretty sure that makes jellyfish the strongest creatures in the oceans, but that's an honor they deserve.

It's time for another game and another peek into the Sins Manitou world! If our own world won't make heist games with enough regularity, then it's up to me to put one out at a frequency of every once in a while as long as people like them! Take on the role of some nefarious heisters and loot this realm for what it has!
Play Sins Manitou: Hard Currency at:

Some gameplay notes:

Control the game with the arrow keys, mouse clicks, and the space bar
If you get yourself in a situation where you can't beat the level, press R to restart
You have to place and collect your allies, even if you complete the mission without them. So if you get to the end of a level and haven't used them, just summon and instantly collect them
If you're at the exit and you don't leave, make sure you've placed and collected your allies and then move left and right to trigger the exit check again

The game has been included with the other Manitou games on the Sins Gamics site!