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Posted by Pip

P22- Renewing Your Lease On Life

We near the end of the second part of this story arc and learn some important things. The location of the true golden gauntlet being a big one there. Surely no reason it was bound to Perrinís soul rather than being in the physical realm. Nosiree.
I like how this page came out. To toot my own horn, it looks good; especially panel five; that came out rather nice. Iím conceited, woo!
Itís also a significant page because I reeeaaally changed around how this part ended. Initially, the part with Envy crushing Perrin under a rock wasnít going to be used to hold her down until they found Murdoch, Envy was going to do it on this page to ensure nothing bad would happen to or because of Perrin ever again. But! Reaction to Perrin was always good on the forums and some things people mentioned got me thinking about a different direction to take the larger story in as a whole. Who says being a Slapegg doesnít get you fame and recognition?