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F223- Reading Reignbow

Just look at how caring and benevolent she is! Showing such generous mercy upon her enemies. Or Lib just loves learning SO much that she's going to let the Sins go so they can engage in wonderful knowledge-building. How can she NOT have an island of worshipers!?

You do not want to make Mercy consider what the ramifications of that argument would mean for her own condition. Self-reflection is not pleasant. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page or contribute to the site to get the month's!

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I did indeed forget it was Easter until I got a message from my mom wishing me a happy one... So the natural thing to do was to go to the supermarket and buy some Cadbury Mini Eggs, the best Easter candy around. Only to find that the store didn't have any! Outrage! Oh they had egg-shaped M&Ms and Hershey eggs, but nobody wants Hershey eggs. Hershey chocolate is gross. What's the point of Easter if I can't get Cadbury Mini Eggs?! Point being, Happy Easter, it's all about not getting what you want but sometimes there are pretty ladies in bunny girl costumes? Yeah, that seems like a message.