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Posted by Pip

P23- Milkshaaakes

Sorry, had to get at least one Dr. Orpheus/Venture Brothers reference in on a series revolving a necromancer. I’d feel guilty if I didn’t.
If you didn’t see this coming, well, either I’m a genius or you haven’t really been devoting yourself entirely to the comic. Shame! For the lack of devotion, not the me being a genius part.
I was going to have a separate speech bubble for Sloth with “Meh-ke” in stead of “Make” but it felt too forced.

Check out the fan art gallery for a picture by SirIsaac. You may have seen some of her characters in an earlier commission. Thanks!

Another (nonshameless !) plug is for a comic done by Internet-acquaintance, Duck. A little comedy, a little political, a little slice of life, and a little ham for good measure.

Two recommendations from the weekend for all of you. The first is “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. It’s a documentary that makes you chuckle, feel horribly depressed, and extremely pissed off but in the end you really enjoyed it and had a good time. The ending lines prevent you from flipping over Hummers in the parking lot because the best hope for bringing the electric car back is the very people that helped killed it keep f’ing things up. The next is for a band called “Mofro”. Aside from having a ludicrously great name, their music is so interesting it’s worth a listen. The closest thing I can compare it to is Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts, if only for how it blends so many different genres into one. It’s part blues, jazz, rock, soul, and part feel good music, music with a message, and dance.
Okay, maybe one more recommendation. Phoenix Wright! My god… Okay, so technically it’s not so much a game as it is an interactive movie/novel, but my mind has been blown. Normally the last two levels of a game make me want to deck the producers, but I bow to the people that wrote cases four and five. The game had its flaws of course (one of which was how damned short it was!), but the last two trials are practically worth the price of admission alone.