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F238- Mote Money Mote Problems

The Sins have no luck on this world. Even disembodied wisps of soul energy are trying to pick fights with them. And those wisps aren't nearly as cute as the Librarian or Love!

Surprise two-parter storyline in Mercs! You can't keep the forces of evil from cursing things. It's what they do! Since it's the start of a new month, the entire month's pages have been added to the Patreon page!
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Just as the Sins have come to conquer this island, they have conquered the month of April. Still so... so bitter about a lack of Cadbury Mini Eggs. But we still managed to do all this for the month:

I'm not really one to talk politics on the site, but holy cow if you get the chance to, please read the California Presidential Primary Official Voter Information Guide. Of the 35 people running for Senate, only 21 of them submitted write-ups and half of those are gibberish of Facebook accounts and a complete disregard for the basic rules of grammar. One guy simply put the binary code for the letter "e" as a way to get out of paying for a write-up and one guy wrote his in the third person and adopted the opposite approach and spent money to write "Rescue America" three times as his opening. I misread one candidate's slogan as "I will do nothing" and seriously considered him to be one of the best choices presented to me until I checked again and saw it was actually "I will not do nothing" and was a little disappointed. Still, that same guy uses the phrase "I swear on the graves of future Californians" in his write-up so that puts him well in front of the person that says "I am mainstream Facebook in social media!".