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Posted by Pip

F240- Every Little Bit Helps

Yet another handy tip on making friends from the Sins. Restore hope and nourishment to a downtrodden people and others will hate you sliiightly less. These old gods may just be using that as a cover story, though, and they really just think Greed is adorable.

Our bonus art for the week is some art for the SinGamics world. If there had been more interest in the games, the idea was that Gamics would be its own world with characters' stories told through games and a way to have crossovers from Sins, DDG, and Mercs without hurting those stories' normal flow. The Gamics world was run by the MC and his aides were minions he called the Script Doctors. Lust would have been a big fan of customizing the little guys.
I know I wanted to go with either a comically tiny crown for the MC or comically large. I think I should have gone with large.