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Posted by Pip

F251- Not A Time To Lose It

What is it with the Sloths and having deep bodily secrets?! The spirit holding those pieces together is stirring around that suit of armor after all. And it manifests as a boss skull face. Bonus!

It's time for the first part of the summer art trades! I wanted to post them in larger batches but so far only two people have followed through. It didn't seem fair to make them wait any longer, so here we go! Some of the pictures are pretty big, so I just listed the links.

PainfulElegy- Having golem hands with hard interlocking parts would probably make doing braids a bit difficult. And lead to several clumps of hair caught between some rocks. Hoffi will just need ANOTHER makeover to set things right.

Visit Painful Elegy's gallery at:

And PE's summery picture was Lust spending some time with a new... floatation device. Veeery floaty.

MrVorhias- Lust is working on some campaign slogans that show she truly understands the important issues, to the chagrin of her grumpy campaign manager. Maybe it's the uniform. Missus V probably just wants a foofier skirt to appeal to the voters.

Visit MrVorhias's gallery at:

And MrV's summery picture was Lust bringing her loyal writer along for some fun in the sun. Or to just make herself look even better in comparison.