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F252- Rock Em Sloth Em

Angry Sloth does NOT mess around!
So that's how that scrap heap beat up the original Labor. Go back to hiding under your bed, Sleep! Man, I bet Sleep has the fanciest of beds. Probably like a canopy bed or something. Curse his decadence!

The Sins have their Maydays behind them and it's smooth sailing into summer. Hidden villages, secret gods, and hidden secret heads are all mixed in with the other things up on the site last month!

Quick Critique: Prototype (PS4)

I had fond memories of Prototype being a fun pseudo-super hero game where you had a bunch of fun powers and maneuverability options, but after playing the HD version, it either doesn't even remotely hold up or I was incredibly wrong the first time I played it. The gameplay is broken on many levels. Missions are boring, the camera is horrid, the only way the game can be difficult is to give enemies tons of health or constantly spawn dozens of them in, you're constantly being knocked to the ground by splash damage, the controls are garbage, the lock-on system is barely functional, your character frequently won't jump, every time you lock on to something the game goes into slow motion, you have almost no health, and all your moves take too long to do so the amount of health you regain is lost by the time you consume an enemy. Even the movement stuff and your superpowered parkour are lame. I remembered it as zipping across the city, flipping off of things, and gliding through the air, but even a maxed out run is still pretty slow, you slow down even more when you're vaulting and because the controls are so bad you're constantly flinging yourself somewhere you don't want to go or get stuck on objects, and the glide only lasts for a few seconds and is really slow. The twist at the end of the game is still great but nowadays it's probably the only decent part of the game. The super powers are like a really crappy version of what's in Saints Row 4, so just play Saints Row again. Man, I totally wish I never replayed the game and kept my happy memories.