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Posted by Pip

F271- SinCity 2000

These people waking up from a world of hallucinogenic sleep are going to need the bare necessities of life! I mean, have you even seen a pizza parlor on this island? They're living like savages! Well rested savages! I don't even want to THINK about their bakery capabilities.

After some bouts of crunch time at work and overtime mixed with new duties at night, I can no longer keep up a schedule of four comics a week. I can't afford to not go to work, so the comic is what I'm going to have to pull back on. Starting this week, it's back to three comics a week. Sins will update on Monday and Wednesday and Mercynaries is going to update on Fridays. That schedule should let us have regular comic updates and still do some extra projects.

Since the bonus art portrays the Sins and characters as actors, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Lust before she joined the crew. I imagine she'd be a total prima donna until the life of a comic actress calmed her down. And purse-Sloths are way cooler than purse dogs.