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F273- Gotta Have Faith

So the Sins got their first batch of godly power by beating up a rival (that's pretty much how a good myth goes, right?), but they're not really up there on the faith bit just yet. It takes work and maybe a miracle or two before the petite monster in a scarf gets one of those mandatory religious holidays.

We're delving back into interactive story-time and the Mercyverse brings us a tale of potentially malicious teachings, questionable spa treatments, and sinisterly chipper roommates. It features eight different endings depending on how well you play and the choices you make. Remember to study hard, do good things, and be pretty with Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology!

Based on the world of the Mercynaries at:

It's also been posted along with the other Mercs games at:

Posted by Pip

Game Controls

Use the mouse to make menu selections, arrow keys to move, and Space to interact in the exploration sections.