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Posted by Pip

F275- Leaving Her Hanging

Apparently etiquette was lost when the Rulers took over too. If George Washington could relocate his skeletal structure, somebody would have high-fived him! I think that's pretty well documented.

When the Sins weren't involved in July's independence holidays and freeing islands, plenty of fun stuff got done too! Make sure you didn't miss anything on the site from July!

And to celebrate our own selves, I opened up some requests from our Patreon members. If you want to take part in keen community fun like that, join the Sins Patreon at:

Our first request came to us from Joshua and he wanted to see the Sins studio crew dressed up like Who Framed Roger Rabbit characters!

Roger and Jessica are of course owned by the folks at Disney. Lust will gladly step in if they can't get Roger for a sequel.

There's even fan art too! Huge thanks to reader 4thTry for this adorable picture. An immovable object meets an unstoppable hip-shaking force in Shantae. Thanks, 4thTry!