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F279- Sintelligence Quotient

She's a master of disaster AND learning! She has contingencies of crushing! In the blue corner, the Libraaarian!
Lib knows the location of the secret breeding grounds for mountain books! Or she hid books around the island herself. Your choice.

I've been reading My Hero Academia and while it's drawn well and the overall ideas are neat, I don't think I care for it issue by issue. It has some seriously glacial pacing (there's an entire book for a single fight which is then followed by an entire book for a day long gym class festival), loaded with anime tropes (the pervert character, people constantly talking about power levels, the milquetoast main character, the jerk rival), sexualizing young characters (there's a girl that can pull objects out of her skin so the less she wears the bigger the object she can pull, but she's just a kid and she's drawn like an adult so it come across as really creepy). I really like the society it creates and it will occasionally touch on some big issues and have some neat ideas. The parents' powers mix in their kid, so the world has a big issue with rape and people selling sex if they have good powers. That's a really dark but super interesting idea in an otherwise light comedy, but it's excellent world building. But then all the anime-cliches come in and it loses what made it interesting. I can't event remember the main cast's names. There's All Might, Infinity Girl (can't remember her real name), and the main character's nickname is Deku (can't remember his actual name) but that's all I can remember after reading the first five books. I don't even remember the villain's name. So it's neat and I have read five books so I like the world and the broad strokes, but I worry that it's going to be one of those series like One Piece where it lasts for a billion issues and never reaches a satisfying conclusion.