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Posted by Pip

H5- The Goggles, They Do Nothing

Yep, so this is a page pretty much all about Lustís body. Yup. Little awkward to go into too many details.
How about the glasses thing then; thatís something guys royally get gypped with. Not many men look better with glasses (personally, I think I look happier without them but it takes away from my distinguishing features so I look more boring), but women almost always look better with them. And it really doesnít matter what kind of glasses they wear. Lisa Loeb has extremely geeky ones, yet she still pulls it off and itís a good look. Lousy Universe.

New month, new donation incentive wallpaper! And to help all those oh so happy students returning to school:

Quite a few Ricky Bobby based searches leading here, but Augustís funniest search string leading to Sins was: ďnazi propagandist blondeĒ . I have no clue how that led to here. Scares me a bit too. Is Fortune secretly a Nazi?!

The start of a new month also brings an end to the current Button Day page. Congrats, Dullahan. Send me your information and Iíll send you your button. Hopefully Iíll have the next blank page up shortly.