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F285- Stealing Hennies AND Pennies

The Sins have a few sparks of intelligence when they need them! And apparently good strategies when it comes to stealing farm equipment! A boat ride with Greed left Lib a bit frazzled back at the start of the story so a whole book of its nonsense probably isn't sitting too well with her. Although, anybody that REALLY cared about all the knowledge in the world would definitely want to know more about those chickens.

This month's Mercynaries pages will mark the end of this chapter, so it's collected issue time! Mercs issue 6 saw the team face off against magical girls, pizzatoriums, alien invaders, elementals, demons AND demon hunters, and the gods themselves! Issue 6 collects pages 144-191 and it can be yours today!

Posted by Pip

Mercs Issue 6 Link

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