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Posted by Pip

F291- Shattering The Dreams Of Greed

You can't have a Sins team without something with an interdimensional bucket/pocket. Sloth is just full of surprises. Losing a head to gain all that closet space is a tough decision for any rider or living suit of armor. But to also lose Greed's dream of piloting Sloth like a mech is a cruel choice.

Our bonus art this week comes to us thanks to Melkorios and it's based on our game Materiel Girl! The scientists are working on the next version of the suits and they've made a few... upgrades? Still seems like a good trade-off for a super suit.

Thanks to Melkorios for the commission! You can visit his gallery at:

If you missed Materiel Girl the first time around, it's a choose your path story game set in the Mercynaries world. Give it a try at:

I should have some time to pick up a few commissions if anybody is interested, please. It's typically around $30 for a character commission. If you are interested, shoot me an email with a description of what you're looking for, any character references you might have, and any descriptions of poses or actions or whatnot that you want and we can discuss.
Standard rules apply. I have a certain bound of weirdness I'm willing to do (if you're reading this, you probably have seen what I've done in the past so you know what I'm cool with) and no copyrighted characters.